Monday, May 22, 2017

Month 10 Week 3

This will be your last post for the year. I would like you to comment to the incoming students of World History. Give them your insights to how discussion boards work, what makes them beneficial, the best way to manage. I will use your posts for the first blog next year. I would like to thank each of you for the wonderful comments throughout the year, you have given me food for thought. I feel confident that each of you are ready for U.S. History and will be excellent experienced bloggers. Have a wonderful summer.
Sincerely, Dr. Chipman


  1. Jessica Wills-PliskoMay 28, 2017 at 6:09 PM

    The value of the discussion boards is in sharing ideas and comments on the various subjects discussed. It is best to input to the board early in the week so that your post gets posted promptly and others will gain from your perspectives. I enjoyed the history discussion board as the subjects worked in conjunction with the material that we were studying at the time. Some of the posts required research and augmented our knowledge of the subject. I enjoyed seeing other point of views on the boards as well.

  2. I love checking out the discussion boards and reading everyone's comments. They help me a lot because sometimes I don't know what to write about and seeing others post helps me. It helps to pick a day each week to check the board and post. I hope everyone has a great summer.

  3. To All of You Incoming World History Students...

    Work hard at these discussion boards, and respond the questions/topics to the very BEST of your ability!! Take full advantage of this opportunity to review World History concepts, refine your discussion board etiquette, and learn from your peers. That means read others' comments! It will give you the opportunity to see how other people are responding. Plus, if you're stuck on how to respond, you can see what other people posted and then go from there. And *hint, hint* if something is on the discussion board, it is very likely going to be on the midterm/final!

    Also, use the TEXTBOOK for your responses! The course and the midterm/final are based on the book, so more often than not, you will be able to answer the questions very well, exactly, and easily if you look in the book!

    Lastly, the great thing about these discussion boards is that they are mobile!! I love to do these on my phone when I'm out and about, waiting somewhere, or in the car. However, you should write them in a separate note (or perhaps an email to yourself) just in case you lose wifi/signal or something unexpected happens with your phone. Just be aware that you will want to be signed into your Google or PYLUSD account when submitting your comment; or else, you can copy and email it to yourself and post it later on a computer. In fact, even if you are writing your comment on your computer, I suggest writing on a separate word document, so that if something happens, then your entire comment is not just lost (that has happened to me, and I've learned my lesson now - it sucks to have to rewrite it all over again)!

  4. Greetings and salutations, students of next year! My advice for you is as follows:
    1. History, particularly World History, can be very helpful in expanding your bank of knowledge. It can help heighten your understand of the world, your heritage, etc. and allow you to make smart conclusions about the major events happening today. This is helpful stuff here, and I encourage you to use this discussion board as a means of studying and remembering said stuff. By the time you've finished a post on something, you have that subject fully registered and absorbed, if you've played your cards right.
    2. Secondly, and I can't stress this enough, discussion boards are a DISCUSSION. The best way to remember something is to talk about it. Flatly regurgitating what is said in the featured link or discussed in the textbook won't help you in the long-run. Include your own personal knowledge and inferences in your posts and try to respond to the posts of others as often as possible. Get engaged!
    3. Lastly, it may not be as important on this board as posts go straight through after publication, but copying your posts elsewhere is always a good idea. I like to archive mine on Google Drive, but any way you can back them up, I strongly suggest you do in case they don't go through.